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Anchor Your Concrete with Preset Inserts by Victory Plastics & Anchors

At Victory Plastics & Anchors, we provide preset inserts. These inserts are the strongest, fastest, and most economical concrete anchors on the market today. The preset inserts will not corrode because the flanged steel insert is completely enclosed from moisture. No stress will be placed on the concrete like drop-ins which are expanded by putting pressure on the side of the drilled holes. You won’t have any chance of drilling into pre-stressed cables. The tapered nylon body of these inserts gives a larger holding area in the concrete compared to other drop-ins. Other benefits of our preset inserts include:

  • Faster Lay Out

  • Minimum Tool Requirement

  • Multiple Sizes

  • No Anchor Failure due to Improper Setting

Here you can see the various sizes and recommended load weight for our preset inserts:

*Lab testing done by Hardy BBT/Amec Foster Wheeler

Ultra Preset Inserts

Ultra Preset Inserts have been manufactured in Canada since 1987 and more than thirty million have been produced to date and have been sold and used throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico without a faulty piece being reported. Due to their conductive nature for seismic activity Microsoft built all their high rise buildings in Seattle with the Ultra Preset Inserts. The Ultra Preset Inserts are nailed to the forms prior to concrete being poured. No drilling or holes are ever made in the concrete to install them which otherwise could alter the integrity and strength of that concrete. Ultra Preset Inserts are the strongest, fastest, most economical anchors on the market today. They have absolutely no concerns regarding seismic activity.

Specifications Testing Documents

Victory Plastics & Anchors makes sure our products work properly. Below you’ll find several documents pertaining a variety of pull out tests for our preset inserts.

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preset inserts
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