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Betonite Chubbs

Easy Loading & Labour Saving Chubbs from Victory Plastics & Anchors

The Chubbs is our expandable bentonite sleeve. It’s an easy way to measure the right amount of bentonite in each hole you’re working with. All of our sleeves are approved by Alberta Public Lands Division. The Chubbs are great for the sealing of abandoned shotholes, dropload on top of charge for tamps, and stemming of Aquaphor flow. In our sleeves, the bentonite can be presoaked for faster hydration. The bags will expand outward, not upward, to provide better holding power and sealing quality. Plastic sleeves ensure inspectors that the hole was plugged properly. The Chubb are packaged in plastic lined, polywoven bags for waterproof storage and sturdy handling (10 units per bag).

Other benefits of The Chubbs include:

  • Proper Regulation of Bentonite

  • Longer Length: 45cm (government requires 40cm)

  • Easy Loading & Labour Saving

The Chubbs helps eliminate:

  • Garbage

  • Overfill

  • Ripped Bags & Spillage

  • Large % of Unused Bentonite

New Enviro Bentonite Chubbs

The new Bentonite Chubbs are the environmentally friendly way to seal shot holes. Unlike with bulk bentonite the Enviro Chubbs guarantees government standards are met in every hole. Now made from biodegradable food grade polyethylene, it is now easier to load and handle and the mesh is designed to expand only outward not upward.

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