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Victory Plastics & Anchors’ More Economical Fence Clips

Fence Clip - A New Design

At Victory Plastics & Anchors, we have designed and engineered a new product made from plastic to build rail fences. We call it the Rail Fence Connector. The Rail Fence Connector will build a far superior rail fence compared to other methods. Your fence will be stronger, more economical, and less labour-intensive than any previous models.

How It Works

The Rail Fence Connector conforms to both the curve of the post and the smaller curve of the rail. These three easy steps put your new rail fence together:

  1. Measure & Mark Height for Rails on Posts

  2. Cut Rails to Distance Between Posts

  3. Attach Rail Fence Connector to Post & Rail

The Rail Fence Connector fits three to four inch rails and four to six inch posts. We recommend using 1 1/4" wood screws or 1 1/4" ring nails.

Strength Testing

Usually, the first question we've been asked by fence builders about our product is how strong and how durable is it?

Firstly, the Rail Fence Connector is made from high density polyethylene, a plastic that will not discolour from sunlight or be affected by extreme temperatures. Secondly, it is a very strong material combined with a design that was made to withstand weight and force. Our product was independently laboratory-tested by Amec materials testing lab to withstand a weight or force of over 1,950 lbs before damage or breakage – a force that could easily withstand downed trees, livestock rubbing against it, or people climbing or sitting on it.

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Fence Clip
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