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    A.T.K. Q-Deck Hanger

    The A.T.K. Q-Deck Hanger is the only hanger on the market designed to suspend threaded rod from the Q-Deck. It’s the fastest, most economical way to hang plumbing pipe, light fixtures, sheet metal duct, display fixtures, and more from a Q-Deck. The Q-Deck Hanger eliminates unsightly holes chiseled or punched in the side of the Q-Deck, weakening the deck. With the Q-Deck Hanger, you can keep damage to roof insulation to a minimum.

    The A.T.K. Q-Deck Hanger can be used as a pre-insert in concrete when used on top of deck, by threading the rod up 2 1/2" and putting a hex knot on the rod, where there is concrete poured on top of the Q-Deck. Lab tests on a 23 gauge Q-Deck with 10 x 3/4 tek screws show the Q-Deck slotted at the screws' holes at 1,130 lbs. on the bottom and 1,570 lbs. on the top. Recommended loads at a 4-1 safety factor are 285 lbs. on the bottom and 390 lbs. on top.

    Specifications Testing Documents

    At Victory Plastics, we take precautions to make sure all of our products work as they should. Here you’ll find documents on the load carrying abilities, aluminum clips, and other hardware of the Q-Deck Hanger:

    Below you’ll find a chart detailing the lab pull-tests and recommended load safety of our Q-Deck Hangers.

    Size # Package Lab Pull-Test Top Lab Pull-Test Bottom Recommended Load 5-1 Safety Top Recommended Load 5-1 Safety Bottom
    ¼ QD-14 100 1,570 lbs 1,130 lbs 314 lbs 226 lbs
    3/8 QD-38 100 1,570 lbs 1,130 lbs 314 lbs 226 lbs
    1/2 QD-12 50 4 hole 1-1/2" wide - -
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